The Solar Biz opens a Central American Warehouse!

Do you reside in Central America? Do you need help getting access to solar energy? The Solar Biz recently opened a new warehouse in Central America. It is now easier for them to help those living in or near Central America have access to electricity, solar electricity.

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Speak up

The US Senate is trying to do an end run with the dead Marketplace Fairness Act. This bill would require any company to collect, track and pay sales tax to every tax entity in the 50 states on internet sales.

This insane bill would place a huge burden on every small company operating in the United States. Only large corporations would have the resources and manpower to comply with this.

It’s bad enough that the mass marketers have effectively shut down Main Street USA (now downtowns are empty stores and a big Walmart stands outside of every town , selling us totally Chinese goods) But now they’re going after the last small business strong-hold left in the US, in this effort to completely cripple them with this tax burden. It’s crazy that the name of this bill is the opposite of what it really is.

If it passes the only on-line retailers will be Walmart, Sears and Target.

Please click here which will bring up a form letter that will automatically go to your Congress People voicing your opposition to this insanity.

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US and Chile to Collaborate in Creation of Solar Power Plant

After a meeting between President Obama and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, an agreement was struck that would allow the United States to fund the construction of a solar power plant in Chile.  According to an article recently completed by The Hill, the arrangement has many benefits for both countries.

The collaboration between both nations simply makes sense, as both countries are equally interested in transitioning to a clean energy economy.  For Chile, the plant will help diversify the country’s energy sources.  The plan also supports President Obama’s national exports agenda; the completed project will facilitate roughly ninety seven million dollars in exports for the United States.  This plan is achieved through the nation’s offer to fund the project.  The Overseas Private Investment Corporation, otherwise known as the OPIC, approved a loan for the project and has guaranteed to deliver two hundred and thirty million dollars to support the construction of the plant.

This is merely the last in a line of efforts between President Obama and the OPIC to bring solar energy to Chile and, by association, exports for the United States.  The investment corporation has approved six similar projects since 2013, all to be located in Chile.  Between all proposed plants, the OPIC has approved nine hundred million dollars in loan guarantees.  This figure and initiative makes the United States the largest lender for renewable energy in Chile.

The six plants are expected to cut over two million tons in carbon dioxide emissions annually.  Between all six projects, it is expected that over two hundred and ninety million dollars in exports for the United States will be generated.  In addition, the initiative between the two countries will support more than four hundred jobs in the United States.

The latest plant is to be located in Chile’s Atacama Desert.  The 141 megawatt solar plant will be the largest existing solar plant in Latin America, once completed.

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US Military Faces Challenges in Bringing Solar Energy to Bases

Recently, the Solar Energy Industry Association’s website provided a brief summary of an article detailing the efforts of the United States Military to bring Solar Energy Plants to their bases.  The summary was based off an article completed by Lee Peterson, from CohnReznick’s National Renewable Energy Practice.  Peterson regularly writes about solar financing for military-based projects.

According to the summary, the meeting of these two subjects is not surprising, as some of the first projects endeavored by the military were utility scale solar PV projects, based both in Arizona and Georgia.  This shows an understanding by the military that utility scale solar power is a necessary and a permanent stage in the overall development of solar energy in the electric utility sector.

To further this display of understanding, the Department of Defense, otherwise known as the DOD, has declared that it wishes to significantly increase the instillation and number of renewable energy projects underway on military bases over the course of the next decade. This shows great promise and faith in the solar energy industry, as well as an understanding that these type of projects show progress towards a smart strategy with a priority set to looking forward to the future.  Specifically, projects such as these show a desire for diversified energy sources and supplies for our nation.

Unfortunately, complications can arise between the meeting of solar energy and federal bases.  Often disputes as to who can and is able to build the plants arise, as allowing utility companies to build on federal property can sometimes be a complicated process.  Financing, in general, is a problem, as federal clean energy projects take longer to finance and longer to build.

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